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We work with software engineering, handling large volumes of data, machine learning, cloud-computing and security.

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Our Values


We promote diversity of thought, respect our colleagues and clients. ALWAYS.


We acknowledge our mistakes and successes. We are accountable for our actions and behavior.


We make questions. We are eager to know, understand how and why. We take risks, challenge status quo and overcome adversity.


Dream is good, actions are best. If we are wrong, we adjust it. If we believe and commit, we can make it happen.


We make fact-based decisions. We have discipline and we move fast.


We listen and we speak up. We defend our ideas and trust each other’s ability.


We are proud to work in teams. We celebrate progress. Small and great achievements are shared.


We know that to build a leading company requires big effort. Every day, we prove that we are the best at what we do.


To be chosen and to scale our business, we are certain that the difference is in the small details.